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At Wooffy we create products and services to help modernize and simplify the dog sport industry.

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Our Services

At Wooffy, we strive to offer high quality services that modernize and simplify a lot of the daunting, manual tasks of dog sports.


ParkingLot is designed to simplify run order and gate management. Gone are the days yelling in a parking lot, writing on a white board, or flipping old school numbers. ParkingLot simplified it all with a clean, easy to read competitor interface and and a simple to use host/secretary platform.

New parking lot features such as SMS notifications and native mobile apps with push notifications are coming soon.


Waivers, the ultimate waste of ink and paper, but 100% necessary! And now during a pandemic, waivers are more important than ever. Many trial organizers are reluctant to switch to electronic waivers. Many basic ones do not comply with the ESIGN Act and are not legally binding. The ones that are charge fees that seem absurd for a dog show (based on the typical number of signatures required for a single trial). So we wanted to fix that.

We wanted to build an electronic waiver platform that is easy to use, e-sign compliant (i.e. legally binding), and designed specifically for dog sports and trainers. More information on OnlineWaiver will be available very soon.


Like waivers, premiums use an excessive amount of ink and paper. Then you have to throw mailing them into the mix, which can be an uncomfortable experience with the current state of the USPS if you're fighting for a spot. And also like waivers, we wanted to make it super simple. Once initially setup, the trial secretary almost has no work to do with the premiums. Don't have an online payment processor? We can also help with that. And we will NEVER take an additional fee (on top of what the payment provider takes).

More information on OnlinePremium will also be available soon.


Introducing CrateMateâ„¢, our cellular-connected temperature monitor and sensor.

  • Small form factor that easily attaches to your vehicles crate or kennel.
  • 4G LTE North American coverage.
  • Low monthly data costs with no commitments and no cancelation fees.
  • Simple and to the point mobile app.
  • Push Notifications as well as SMS text alerts.
  • 24 hour continuous use battery life.
  • And More...
  • Expected launch: Late Q2/Early Q3 2021
  • Pre-Order information available soon.
Photo of pre-production prototype device currently in testing.